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About us

Learning Library is a small dynamic and collaborative company, bringing together professionals from various fields – education, youth work, Human Resources (HR), and Information Technology (IT). We use unique approach to development of educational activities and materials for our clients – combining innovative methods from non-formal education with practical business strategies.


Our team, though compact, boasts immense talent and dedication. With just three staff members, and partnerships with two specialised companies; we manage to tackle most demanding projects. We excel in developing state-of-the-art websites and comprehensive online learning courses tailored to specific needs of our partners and clients. This collaborative effort enables us to offer unparalleled support and services, particularly to smaller local organisations and companies striving to enhance their digital learning platforms.


Since our inception, Learning Library has been a catalyst for growth in the education sector. We proudly collaborate with over 20 diverse partners, ranging from esteemed higher education institutions to thriving small and medium enterprises and youth organisations. This extensive network not only amplifies our impact but also enriches the learning experiences we provide, making us a pivotal player in the realm of digital education and community development.


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