Activism and participation in democratic processes, through youth work

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The online course “Activism and participation in democratic processes, through youth work” is developed for empowering youth workers’ approach to the topics of activism in participation in democratic processes and active political participation, through youth work on local and higher levels.

The target group of this online course are youth workers, teachers, and educators who want to use materials and outcomes of the project in their work with youngsters.


The course contains 10 modules. Modules 1-5 cover areas of democracy and participation; including the following topics: democracy, political socialisation, political culture, political education, voting, and political activism. Modules 6-8 cover topics of media literacy, media’s roles as a social institution and source of information, media and politics and the place of media in politics. The last 2 modules of the online course contain practical advice for youth workers on implementing workshops on political and media literacy topics, and ideas and advice on developing online campaigns for the engagement of youngsters in political and media literacy topics.


Learning Library was in charge of development of structure of the course, content and gamification of the learning experience. 

More information

  • Internet access
  • Basic level of English
  • Youth workers
  • Teachers
  • Educators

The course is available to registered users. This course is free of charge. Once registered, please click “Start course”. Course duration is 3-4 hours and the content will be available for 14 days upon enrolling. 

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