Creative youth work on prevention of negative impact of social media influencers on youth

Project name: Creative youth work on prevention of negative impact of social media influencers on youth

Funding scheme: Erasmus+ Program

Type of action: KA220 YOU – Cooperation Partnerships

Partner countries: Estonia – Germany – Serbia – Italy – France – Croatia

Project duration: December 2023 – July 2025

Project budget: 250.000 €

Learning Library is part of the consortium implementing the project.


While some argue that influencers can inspire and motivate young people to pursue their goals and aspirations, others suggest that they can have a negative impact on young people’s mental health and well-being. On the positive side, some influencers use their platforms to promote positive messages and provide a sense of community for their followers. They can be role models for young people, inspiring them to pursue their passions and achieve their goals, promote healthy lifestyles or share tips for managing stress and anxiety.

However, there are concerns about the potential negative effects of social media influencers on young people. Some influencers may promote unrealistic beauty standards or unhealthy diet and exercise habits, which can contribute to body dissatisfaction and eating disorders. Additionally, the pressure to present a perfect image on social media can lead to anxiety and depression, particularly for young people who are still developing their sense of self.

The motivation of the partners with this project is to recognise the potential benefits and drawbacks of social media influencers for young people, but at the same time to put an accent that youth organisations also have a strong role to play within this process, as they should encourage young people to critically evaluate the messages they see on social media and develop a healthy relationship with technology. It’s also important for the wider community to be aware of the impact social media can have on young people and use their platforms responsibly.


The goal of our project is to prevent the negative impact and influence of social media influencers on youth. This specific goal is part of the general efforts towards responsible use of the internet both by young people, but also the responsibility to provide online safety from the public institutions and private companies. It is the role of young workers to accompany young people through building competences of critical thinking and media literacy. It is also their role to advocate based on the EU standards protecting young people on the internet.


Project objectives:

  1. To empower youngsters in critical thinking and media literacy through developing a toolkit with a set of innovative workshops and tools.
  2. To empower youth workers in creativity for prevention of negative impact of social media influencers on youth, through developing curriculum.
  3. To build the capacity of youth workers to advocate towards local and national governments on implementing the European standards protecting young people on the internet such as Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), Digital services act and the European strategy for a better Internet for children.
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