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Learning Library is an SME (Small and Midsize Enterprise) company from Estonia focused on providing services in the field of education and learning. The company idea was created in 2021, while the company officially registered in 2022.


The company’s headquarters are based in Tallinn, Estonia, while the business activities take place across Europe thanks to Estonia’s leading role in digitalising businesses.


Our mission is to bring innovation and new educational approaches to learning and educating.


Our approach is based on non-formal education (NFE) since, as a team, we come from the background of working in the field of NFE and bring together more than 10 years of experience and expertise. We cooperate with educational organisations, institutions and other companies connected to the field of NFE.





Connection to local communities and providing educational and employment opportunities to young people is the core of the Learning Library’s work; thus, the company cooperates with universities and educational institutions and provides practical educational opportunities for students.


We are a B2B company striving to make change for individuals and communities with every project we take.

Learning Library provides services for developing educational materials, online learning courses, websites, and online learning platforms.


We also implement local and international research by organising educational seminars and courses.

Our team has the skillsets, knowledge, and expertise to develop online educational games, hubs, and accessible platforms.


Our consulting services for the development of educational projects and programs are something we are well known for.





Learning Library brings together experts from education, youth work, Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT) with one aim – to help digitalise learning and educate individuals to improve local communities.

With just three staff members and partnerships with two specialised companies, we manage to tackle the most demanding projects. Besides the key staff members, we collaborate with 4 outside consultant experts.


We are a small team trying to make big things. If you don’t trust our word on what we can do, feel free to learn more about the clients and partners we collaborate with throughout the years.

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